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Machine manufacturing


Order an automatic chain-link fence machine that performs bending, cutting, and winding of wire ends. Its significant advantage is that only one trained worker is needed to operate the machine. Due to its automatic documentation system, it facilitates daily operations and also comes equipped with an error reporting system. Additionally, it can manufacture meshes with galvanized, black, and aluminum wires.


  • Cube size: Standard type: 40×40 mm – 80×80 mm / Optional: 20×20 mm- 30×30 mm
  • Galvanized or black wire size: 1.65 mm – 2.5 mm
  • Machine capacity: 600m/8 Mesh height: 0.5m – 3.5m
  • Mesh length: 10 – 30m
  • Wire thickness: 1.6mm-4mm Adjustable weaving speed

The automatic wire weaving machine type CLF-2023 is designed for the production of meshes woven from galvanized and soft wires. The machine is equipped with modern automation systems, ensuring operational accuracy, productivity, and electrical energy efficiency.

The method of making the mesh involves simultaneously guiding 2 strands of wire into the weave, one after the other (double-twist manufacturing).

The wire meshes are automatically produced using built-in specially heat-treated tools (weaving spindle (screw) + weaving blade), calibrated for the mesh density. Each wire mesh requires a set of tools (blade + screw).

The cutting of the coils into lengths is done by a removable scissor system operated by a coder-controlled electric motor.

The side edges of the mesh automatically close with the insertion of 2 spikes (resulting from cutting) using encoder-controlled motorized locking systems.

The winding of the mesh is done automatically in a designated section for tensioning and winding. After winding the pre-set length of the mesh, the machine stops, and the operator removes the coil for separation. After pressing the START button, the machine restarts.

The machine is fed by wire placed on two holders. Wire threading is equipped with sensors that indicate wire blockages or depletion.

The control of the machine and parameters (number of eyes, mesh length and width, production speed, etc.) is carried out on the touchscreen console of the operator interface in the work menu containing the sequences, with constant measurements for work processes, alarms, warnings, counters.

The machine was developed exclusively using electromechanical technology, without pneumatic systems or implants (does not require compressed air supply), ensuring production stability and reliability.

Maximum Productivity: ± 140 m²/h
Minimum Wire Diameter: 1.6 mm
Maximum Wire Diameter: 2.5 mm
Wire Type / Wire Tensile Strength: DIN EN 10223-4:2013-02 / ± 470 N/mm²
Soft Wire Type: Galvanized, plastic-coated
Mesh Hole Size (standard machine): 65 x 65 mm
Mesh Hole Sizes, min. / max.: 40×40 / 80×80 mm *
Minimum Mesh Height: 800 mm
Maximum Mesh Height (standard machine): 2000 mm **
Power: 2.2 kW
Power Supply: 400V/50 Hz, three-phase
Average Power Consumption: 1.5 kWh
Control Console / HMI / Inverters / PLC: Delta Electronics
Electromotorization: Bonfiglioli
Cooling Lubricant: Water-miscible emulsion oil
Space Requirement for the Chain-Link fence Machine (length x width x height): 5000 x 400 x 2200 mm
Net Weight: 1500 kg
Operator: 1

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Since 2018, we have manufactured and sold more than 60 machines.

All information about daily work and capacity can be automatically documented.
Setting for dual wire input and dual end bending.
It is possible to set up twisted end bending as well as compact packaging.
Commissioning and training at the customer's site.
Warranty period is 24 months from the date of commissioning.

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