P-Tech WB Type Wire Mesh


P-Tech WB Type Wire Mesh


The P-Tech Wire Mesh is a domestically designed and manufactured premium-quality fence made from high-quality galvanized wire. We employ a stable knotting technique, uniquely suitable for the technology we use, and double knot the bottom and top strands.

Thanks to the custom manufacturing technology, the vertical strands consist of a single piece, into which the machine introduces a slight curve. The horizontal wire, secured tightly by the P-Tech knot, is inserted into these curves, greatly reducing the chances of wires slipping or creating gaps in the net.

The variable grid sizes determine the adjustable height of the game fence, allowing for the most economical solution according to the intended use. The WB type game fence features compressed divisions.

Wire tensile strength:

Bottom and top horizontal wire 2.5mm tensile strength: 1000-1200N/mm2

Vertical wire: 2.2mm 650-850 N/mm2

Internal horizontal wire 2.2mm tensile strength: 1000-1200N/mm2

Coating: Galvanized: 50-70g/m2 optional: galvanized min. 200g/m2

Horizontal wire spacing: 9x5cm, 5×7.5cm, 1×17.5cm, with the rest depending on the height

Vertical wire tensile strength 2.2mm: 650-850N/mm2

Due to the high tensile strength wire and spring technology, it is sufficient to place the posts every 4-5-6 meters, and there is no need for tensioning wire, as the thick bottom and top wires serve as substitutes. Thanks to its tensile strength, it withstands significant wildlife attacks without compromise.


50/75/100m/coil, with the option for custom sizes up to a maximum of 100m/coil

Variants (click on the image to enlarge):

Double-knotting on the bottom and top strands (a feature unique to our product worldwide), and stable tying on the intermediate strands.
Due to its high tensile strength wiring and the P-Tech knot, it steadfastly withstands significant wildlife attacks.
Made from premium-quality galvanized wires.
Net price

545 Huf/m

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